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Chilean Peso CLP


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: Central Bank of Chile

Interest Rate: 0.50%

Public Debt to GDP Ratio, 2020: 32.8%

Trade Balance, 2019: $0.9 bln.

Inflation, 2019: 2.6%

Sovereign Credit Ratings:


Supporting Factors

High-yielding interest rates


Major commodity exporter


Factors of Weakness

High-risk emerging country


The Chilean peso is the currency of Chile. Its modern version replaced the old currency in 1975. The currency is supported by the view on the economy of Chile as one of the most stable in South America. Chile produces about 1/3 of world copper output; therefore prices for copper have great influence on performance of the peso.

Chilean Peso News Archive

Chilean Peso Logs Limited Gains Against US Dollar

The Chilean peso rallied against the US dollar today, though the gains were limited as Chile’s central bank reduced its forecast for nation’s economic growth this year.

Chilean Peso Suffers from Policy Outlook

The Chilean peso declined against the US dollar today after the nation’s central bank revised its growth outlook down and expressed a dovish monetary policy outlook.

Yuan Weakens After Chinese Trade Data

The Chinese yuan fell today even as data released over the weekend showed that the nation’s trade balance improved. The caveat is that the improvement was a result of the sharp drop of imports, not due to growth of exports (which actually also fell, just not as much as imports).

Peso Retreats as Chilean Central Bank Cuts Interest Rate

The Chilean peso fell against the US dollar today as the nation’s central bank reduced its key monetary policy interest rate yesterday for the fourth consecutive time.

Chilean Peso Ignores Negative Revision to Growth Projections

The Chilean peso rose with other currencies of emerging markets thanks to the positive risk sentiment among Forex market participants. It allowed the currency to ignore a downward revision to the projected economic growth by the nation’s central bank.

Chilean Peso Drops due to Probability of Interest Rate Cuts

The Chilean peso dropped today after the nation’s central bank left monetary policy unchanged but hinted that interest rate cuts are probable due to the slack in economic growth.

Accelerating Inflation Makes Chilean Peso Biggest Gainer

The Chilean peso rallied today as nation’s consumer prices grew with faster pace, suggesting that there is no immediate need for the central bank to stimulate economic growth with additional monetary accommodation.

Peso Gains Even as Chilean Central Bank Lowers Main Rate

The Chilean peso managed to log gains today even after the nation’s central bank cut its monetary policy interest rate yesterday for the fourth time in six months.

Chinese Default Makes Chilean Peso Worst Performer on FX Market

The Chilean peso sank yesterday, being the worst performer on the Forex market, as copper prices slumped after the news about a company default in China. It spurred fears and drove investors away from raw materials and commodity-related currencies.

Chilean Central Bank Plans More Interest Rate Cuts, Peso Weak

The Chilean peso ended yesterday’s trading session weak against the US dollar as the nation’s central bank cut interest rates and signaled about possibility of additional monetary stimulus. The currency rose a little versus the euro at the start of the current trading session.