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The Brazilian real is the currency officially used in Brazil, while sometimes also used in bordering countries. The modern real was implemented in 1994, replacing the old currency. Brazil has the biggest economy among Latin America nations and the second biggest in the western hemisphere. Its fast growth benefits the real.

Brazilian Real News Archive

Brazilian Real Fails to Rally vs. Greenback

The Brazilian real failed to gain against the US dollar today even after the release of helpful retail sales data. The strength of the greenback and the report from the International Monetary Fund were the reasons for the currency’s underperformance.

Brazilian Real Unfazed by Moody’s Credit Rate Downgrade

The rally of the European stocks allowed the currency markets to stabilize, leading to a bounce of riskier currencies. The Brazilian real joined the rally against the US dollar even though Brazil’s credit rating was reduced by Moody’s to junk.

Brazil’s Central Bank Has No Plans for Interest Rate Cuts

Alexandre Tombini, Governor of the Central Bank of Brazil, said that the central bank has no plans to cut interest rates. While the news was positive for the Brazilian real, the currency had troubles rising against the US dollar.

Brazilian Real Falls as Current Account Deficit Widens

The Brazilian real dropped today after data that showed an increase of the current account deficit. Yesterday’s decision of the nation’s central bank to keep monetary policy unchanged was also unsupportive to the currency.

Brazilian Real Underperforms as Fitch Cuts Credit Rating

The Brazilian real was underperforming compared to other Latin American currencies on Thursday as Fitch ratings reduced Brazil’s sovereign credit grade. The currency still managed to erase its losses but was unable to demonstrate the same strength as its peers.

Brazilian Real Drops amid Political Uncertainty

The Brazilian real dropped against the US dollar today as political uncertainty and turmoil in the country were not helping to make the currency attractive to overseas investors.

Brazilian Real at Record Low

The Brazilian real crashed to the record low level against the US dollar today following the earlier attempt to rally.

Economic Concerns Make Brazilian Real Unattractive

The Brazilian real fell against the US dollar as the pessimistic outlook for Brazil’s economy coupled with concerns about the global economic slowdown made traders not particularly interested in the nation’s currency.

Brazilian Real Retreats After Monday’s Gains

The Brazilian real dropped against the US dollar today as market participants were skeptical about the ability of President Dilma Rousseff to push for the planned austerity measures. Uncertainty about the upcoming policy meeting of the US Federal Reserve also affected the currency negatively.

Brazilian Real Drops as Growth Outlook Worsens

The Brazilian real fell today as the worsening outlook for nation’s economic growth made the currency less attractive for market participants.