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The Australian dollar is the official currency of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is often called the Aussie by Forex traders. The currency was implemented in 1966 and allowed to freely float at 1983. Australia has an export-driven economy (the mining sector represents 19% of GDP), therefore the value of the Aussie depends on commodity prices. Australia has strong trading ties with Asia, particularly China, so economic growth in that region has a particularly strong impact on Australia’s currency. The Aussie is used in carry trade because of the relatively high interest rates in Australia.

Australian Dollar News Archive

Can the Bulls Send the Price to 1.0707 on AUD/NZD?

The Australian versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair seems to be searching for a resistance area. But could the bears take advantage of this context?

Bulls on AUD/USD Still Heading for 0.7413?

The Australian versus the US dollar currency pair seems to have been taken by surprise by the bulls. Are the bears strong enough to defend 0.7320?

AUD/NZD Under 1.0707 and Back into the Descending Channel

The Australian versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair seems to have been limited in its attempt to switch to bullish mode.

Bulls Set to Pass 0.7413 on AUD/USD?

The Australian versus the United States dollar currency pair crystalized on the chart a very convincing appreciation. Do the bears still have a say?

Aussie Strong After Trade Surplus Widens Beyond Expectations

The Australian dollar was strong today after Australia’s trade surplus rose more than analysts were expecting. But, perhaps, the bigger contributor to the Aussie’s strength was the positive general sentiment on markets. While optimism was not reigning on the Forex market as strongly as on the stock market, with all stock indices logging substantial gains both yesterday and today, most riskier currencies managed to rise during Thursday’s trading session.

AUD/NZD Thrust from 1.0592

The Australian versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair managed to rotate from the 1.0592 low, thus acknowledging the lower line of the descending channel.

Australian Dollar Soars Despite Interest Rate Cut from RBA

The Australian dollar was the strongest currency on the Forex market today even though the Reserve Bank of Australia expanded its stimulus more than was expected. Market analysts explained the currency’s stellar performance by the risk-positive market sentiment and the sell-off of the US dollar.

Australian Dollar Second Strongest Ahead of RBA Meeting

The Australian dollar was the second strongest currency on the Forex market today, losing only to the Canadian dollar. The Aussie rallied for the same reasons as the New Zealand dollar: the rebound of crude oil prices, good economic data in China, decent domestic macroeconomic reports.

Bulls to Test 0.7010 on AUD/USD

The Australian versus the United States dollar currency pair is at the 0.7010 support level. Will the bulls have the strength to secure another rise?

Australian Dollar Rises on Decent Domestic Economic Reports

The Australian dollar was trading flat against major currencies today. While domestic macroeconomic data released in Australia on Friday was decent, worries and uncertainty made investors reluctant to buy riskier commodity-linked currencies, like the Aussie. Yet currently, the Australian currency has managed to regain upward momentum and is trading above the opening level versus majors.