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Sterling Goes Down as Brexit Concerns Return

February 27, 2017 at 12:44 by Vladimir Vyun

A fan of 50-pound billsThe theme of the Brexit returned to the attention of Forex traders, and that made the Great Britain pound fall against its most-traded counterparts during the Monday’s trading session.

The major concern that is currently haunting the sterling is the question of Scotland’s independence referendum. Scotland has voted in 2014 for staying in the United Kingdom, but that was because the Scots thought that staying in the UK is the only sure way to remain a part of the European Union. Now, as Britain prepares to exit the EU, the question of Scotland’s independence arises again. And apparently Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May is content with allowing the secession, at least if it happens after the Brexit officially occurs.

GBP/USD slid from 1.2471 to 1.2407 as of 12:32 GMT today. EUR/GBP rallied from 0.8469 to 0.8528.

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