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Mexican Peso Surges as FBI Finds No Crime in Hillary’s Emails

November 7, 2016 at 17:48 by Vladimir Vyun

A heap of 100-peso billsThe Mexican peso climbed today after the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that it found no evidence of crime in Hillary Clinton’s emails, boosting her chances for victory in the US presidential elections.

While the news was beneficial to the dollar, the peso managed to gain even on the US currency. The Mexican currency depends on reports from the United States strongly as the USA is the biggest trading partner of Mexico. In particular, the currency was demonstrating noticeable reaction to news about the elections, falling as Donald Trump was gaining votes as his victory would likely disrupt US trading ties to its neighbor while rising as Hillary was gaining lead as she represents stability and preservation of previous relations.

USD/MXN sank 1.82% to 18.6812 as of 17:40 GMT today.

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