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AUD Boosted by Employment Data, Unable to Keep Momentum

The Australian dollar rallied on the back of positive employment data in the first half of the current trading session but was unable to keep the upward momentum. The currency trimmed gains against the US dollar and lost them outright against other most-traded rivals.

Japanese Yen Mixed After BoJ Policy Meeting & Economic Outlook

The Japanese yen was mixed following the monetary policy announcement from the Bank of Japan. The currency reacted to the moves of its peers for the most part, rising against the weak ones and falling versus the strong ones.

Euro Rallies Against Peers on Mario Draghi Speech and ECB Rate Decision

The euro rallied higher against its main counterparts today after the European Central Bank Governor’s speech on the bank’s rate decision. Mario Draghi‘s speech was a commentary on the ECB’s future outlook after it announced that it would maintain its current interest rates and its quantitative easing program.

British Pound Declines Against Peers Despite Positive Retail Sales Data

The British pound today declined against the US dollar and the euro despite the release of positive UK retail sales data. The British pound rallied higher for a minute or so after the release before retracing all its gains and trending lower.

Canadian Dollar Propelled by Economic Data & Oil Prices

The Canadian dollar gained on its major rivals today, propelled by positive macroeconomic data and gains of crude oil prices.

Pound Falls for Third Consecutive Session, Avoids Losses vs. Euro

The Great Britain pound fell today, declining for the third day in a row against its major rivals. The euro was an exception as the sell-off ahead of the policy announcement from the European Central Bank made the shared 19-nation currency even weaker than the currency of the United Kingdom.

US Dollar Rises Against Main Counterparts on Strong Housing Data

The US dollar climbed against a basket of other major currencies on Wednesday, following the release of strong housing data that improved the short term outlook. The greenback still remained near its weakest level since the third quarter of last year after suffering from sharp losses over the past two weeks.

NZ Dollar Gains on Market Sentiment, Pays No Heed to Inflation

The New Zealand dollar rose today on the positive market sentiment. Yesterday’s disappointing inflation data did not prevent today’s rally.

Australian Dollar Rallies Undisturbed by Poor Data

The Australian dollar continued to rise today following yesterday’s surge. The poor macroeconomic data released over the current session did not bother the currency much.

EUR/USD Tests New Yearly Highs on Weak US Dollar

The EUR/USD currency pair today rallied to new yearly highs based on US dollar weakness triggered by the failure of Donald Trump‘s administration to repeal Obamacare. The currency pair rallied higher on news that two more Republican senators had defected and would not support the US Senate’s attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).