Your perception becoming a profitable trader is grossly miscalculated


May 31, 2022
If you're idea is of becoming profitable is making ten percent a month my advice is to stop - don't bother. You're already in a position to fail just by market challenges alone.

What you really want is to become a professional trader so you could travel the world and sit on the beach with your laptop...This couldn't be further from reality.

I spoke to a guy saying it would take him ten years to become an engineer and implied he didn't have the time so a pro fx trader is the better route. This is the type of delusion that exists with you people.

Just give what he said a thought. An MD, engineer and attorney would have to go through a decade and dollars to finally practice their dream professions. So why in the hell is becoming a professional forex trader any different.

This is the constant disconnect from reality I see that I see on trading social media.

Trading on the side on your cellphone with your head filled with dreams of making it big is not the same as trading professionally as your job.

Placing a trade in hopes of profit part-time is not the same as placing a trade and knowing it is your main source of income.

Money management, fundamentals/technicals, patience and grasp on psychological aspects of trading are not going to make you a successful trader.

If your goal is to make that ten percent a month in forex you are wasting time and participating in a hobby. It's inevitable that you will lose your money and indicative of your ability.