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Jan 7, 2010
I am sure everyone at some point during there working career has wished that ‘THEY WERE THERE OWN BOSS’. Trading the forex markets independently truly does allow you to be your own boss.

When I used to work in the investment banking industry in central London before I ever even heard of the word of forex, I continuously used to feel the need to be my own boss. More importantly I wanted to be the individual who calls the shots on my career as well as on my financial well being.

Working within the investment banking corporate structure, there were constantly issues I felt in the way of Management always changing structure, managers letting me know how my efforts were not good enough as well as not being financially compensated, I felt for my efforts.

All in all I constantly felt undervalued within the work place, im sure that you have felt like this as well. Now I know it may be easy to assume that I tell a somewhat one sided story and you may think that I had been underperforming, which you are fully in your right to think.

However the bottom line in my view was that someone else was calling the tune for my career and thus determining my financial situation. Yes I could work harder and try harder which I would like to think I did, however when push came to shove the judgement of what my efforts deserved were made by my management on such areas as promotion, bonus and salaries.

Now in my case I had felt that the decisions made for me by the upper hierarchy, were not rewarding for my efforts, therefore at that point I decided that I want to work for myself and be judged by my own yardstick.

This is where FOREX trading came into my life. It provided me with all the attributes I was looking for. Being my own independent boss, making the decisions, as well as wishing for my efforts to be judged by my standards and finally I had control over my financial future.

Now let me indulge into something here with you, I have been on my forex journey for the best part of two years. Has it been easy? HELL NO. I have found out new things about my character that I never knew, I really have despaired at times during this journey and still do now at times.

However has it been worth it? Most certainly, I kept my objective at the top of the mountain, which was to be my own independent boss via forex trading. Thus I just kept working towards it. Let me tell you honestly I went through numerous lows, at times I didn’t think I would ever achieve any element of success.

Thus during my journey I was able to find a training course with two real honest and dignified mentors who picked me up, believed in me, believed in where I wanted forex trading to take me and showed me the road to gain this independence and success.

At this point I would like to thank you very much for taking the time out for reading and wish you all the best for whichever path your life takes you towards.

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Jul 2, 2009
forex courses can be useful, however try to find free information first and learn from that. At some point the best way to learn is to practice and that means - demo account and mini account. No courses and no books will be as successful as practice.