Xtreme Pip Poacher - New Trading System With Live Results


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Jul 30, 2009
Hi All,

I have heard about a new trading system called Xtreme Pip Poacher that is being launched next week on Monday 26th July. I have requested a review copy and hope to have something sent through this week. I will update this thread if/when I get it set up so you can see my results in my Xtreme Pip Poacher review.

The developer and a few of his trading friends have been using this system privately for a number of years and has decided to release it to the public following the success they have been having. One of his friends is now a multi millionaire!

He also told me that DonnaForex has been testing it for a while and the early results are very promising, so it may be worth checking her site out as well to see the results she has been achieving.

Happy trading,