WORLD FIRST Scalper that works in a 'TRIPLE signals' mode up to 80% accuracy


Master Trader
Mar 26, 2011
Forex Daily Scalper - WORLD FIRST Scalper that works in a 'TRIPLE signals' mode with fantastic accuracy up to 80%. $14,380 is their latest profit made in just 3 weeks by using their newest Forex Daily Scalper. 3 pairs, M5 timeframe, 1.0 lot size in 100% SCALPING mode.


Forex Daily Scalper is neither a "day-fly" product, nor a "conversation of another surreal strategy", but a PROFESSIONAL indicator. There are not much products with such an accuracy and reliability. It was their obsession for almost a year... Now they are sure it will become an integral part of your trading life as well.

You’ve never seen such a user-friendly scalping indicator before. With its TRIPLE-Mode visual concept it could be easily nominated as BEST SCALPING INDICATOR ever. They are proud that they are first to reveal such a profitable and accurate scalping system as Forex Daily Scalper.

Micro trends can bring MACRO profit! They found it! "Day-to-Day" algorithm, "TripleMode" interface + "VisualScalping" technology.

Forex Daily Scalper represents the most friendly and accurate scalping system. Due to its "Day-to-Day" flexible algorithm each pair generates approximately 2-4 signals daily that simplifies multi-pairs simultaneous trading. Average accuracy is UP to 80% and even more. It is quality, not quantity that really matters.

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