Win up to $5,000 monthly with Admiral Markets. All year long!

Feb 12, 2013
Want to have some fun and at the same time learn about Forex trading? Then try the new Admiral Markets ForexBall™ competition! Sure, there are a million trading contests out there. But this one is worth the while: The ForexBall™ is the most lucrative, most educational and most global of all the Forex competitions in the market.

The ForexBall™ rules are simple: Every round starts Monday morning, 10am GMT, and lasts till Friday afternoon, 2pm GMT – that’s 100 hours of trading. You start with $10,000 of demo money and try to make the most profit in one week. The next Monday, you start with a clean slate.

Every week, you can win up to $1,000, the monthly prizes go up to $5,000 – and that all year long! All in all, Admiral Markets gives away more than half a million dollar per year.

What’s particularly special about the ForexBall™, are its educational offers: Integrated into the competition website are financial news, Forex market analyses, webinars and articles. That makes the contest especially suitable for beginners, as it provides free training and learning opportunities without any risk. Play for fun, learn for real!

Still not convinced by money and free training? Well, then do it for the fun! You get a chance to play against the best traders in the world, to exchange opinions with pros, to build valuable networks – and of course to prove your talent!

The all new Admiral Market ForexBall™ – give it a shot and register here.