WHY you should NEVER Trade Live without learning a Proper Forex Course

Aug 25, 2011
Forex Trading Course – WHY you should NEVER Trade Live without learning a Proper Forex Course

Forex trading is essentially like every other business.
When we are young, we studied for years before we came out to work.
A lawyer needs years of studying and practice before being a full fletch lawyer.
A Doctor needs years of studying and on job training before being a full fletch doctor.
So does a dentist, a accountant, a hair stylist, a chef etc.
You get the idea.
All careers requires practice and education before one is truly successful in their line.
What makes you think that forex trading doesn’t need it?
In fact when forex trading is mastered, the income from it will reap far more returns than most jobs on earth.
Do you think you will need more training on such a job / investment?
Forex Trading Course – WHY you should NEVER Trade Live without learning a Proper Forex Course

But surprisingly most people jump right into Forex Live Trading, trading their real live capital even without proper forex education and understanding.
Most will grab some basics from some free online forex trading websites and they believe that they are good to go and conquer forex.
That’s what Forex conquered them.
These are the people whom the forex brokers love the most.
They are the money trees for the forex brokers. They will just come and bust an account, come back with more money to bust their accounts again and again until to eventually give up forex trading.
There are lots of people like that popping out every day. Which is why the forex trading industry is such a booming business.
As mention, even the simplest job on earth done without proper training wouldn’t get you anywhere.
What more forex trading – something that reaps you good returns.
The first thing you should get yourself equip is to learn a proper forex trading system through a proper forex trading course / forex trading school.
After learning the proper trading system from the forex trading course you selected.
Demo it first. Trade the system using Virtual Money.
Only until you are profitable in your virtual account then will you trade your live account.
This is something that most forex coach at the forex trading course neglected to tell the students.
Forex Trading Course – WHY you should NEVER Trade Live without learning a Proper Forex Course

Greed is something that kills people everyday.
And greed kills majority of the people who trades forex.
As mentioned, without proper forex education and enough practice. How can one expect to succeed in forex trading or to become the next forex millionaire?
These are the pure fundamentals and core basis of financial freedom.
Few will achieve financial freedom through pure luck, those who achieve financial freedom are those who have the drive and perseverance to go for it. Those who understands that it is through pure diligence of learning and implementing; will one become successful.
Back to the example:
A Doctor takes at least 10 years to become a full fletch doctor.
So does a lawyer or any professionals.
How long do you think is needed in forex trading? 1 Day? No way.. But that is still the mentality of most people out there.
Until they change their mentality. Their financial freedom will never come.
I hope i have touch the most core and basic fundamental of anyone looking to venture into the forex trading business.
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See you on the other side my friend,
Asia Forex Mentor
Ezekiel Chew
Asia #1 Forex Mentor