Weekly Trading Forecasts for Major Pairs (May 29 – June 2, 2017)


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Apr 17, 2013
Here’s the market outlook for the week:


Dominant bias: Bullish

This pair consolidated last week, moving between the resistance line at 1.1250 and the support line at 1.1150. The resistance line at 1.1250 was tested several times, but it could not be broken to the upside, owing to the ongoing consolidation. A breakout is anticipated before the end of the week, which would most probably favor bulls as the resistance line at 1.1250 is broken to the upside, but the outlook on the market is bearish for June 2017. It should be noted that certain EUR pairs may not go bearish in June.


Dominant bias: Bearish

This pair went sideways last week, in the context of a downtrend. Price oscillated between the support level at 0.9700 and the resistance level at 0.9800. The support level at 0.9700 was tested several times and it could not be breached to the downside – and that is exactly what would happen this week – a breakout to the downside. This week, the Greenback would be weak while the Swissie would be strong: Hence further bearish movement in the market as the support level at 0.9700 is broken to the downside. This trend would reverse when EURUSD plummets in June.


Dominant bias: Bullish

GBPUSD is bullish in the long-term, but bearish in the short-term. The market was caught in an equilibrium phase from Monday to Wednesday, and then went southward on Thursday and Friday, dropping 200 pips from the distribution territory at 1.3000 to the accumulation territory at 1.2800 (a well-anticipated occurrence). The outlook on GBP pairs is bearish for this week and for the month of June. Markets would generally be quiet in June, but GBP pairs would trend seriously, going bearish in most cases.


Dominant bias: Neutral

The market is neutral in the long-term, but bearish in the short-term. There was no significant movement last week, but things could become significant before the end of this week. The demand level at 111.00 was tested many times last week, and without success. The most probable movement is southwards, as the demand levels at 111.00, 110.50 and 110.00 are breached to the downside.


Dominant bias: Bullish

There was no significant movement on EURJPY last week, save price went slightly bearish on Friday, in the context of an uptrend. The markets would generally be quiet in June 2017, while JPY pairs trend seriously nonetheless (just like GBP pairs). The outlook on JPY pairs is bearish for June; plus the most probable direction is southwards. EUR/JPY would go downwards by at least, 300 pips within the next two weeks, and that would lead to the end of the current bullish bias.

This forecast is concluded with the quote below:

“My personal definition of successful money management is to limit losses while at the same time providing you with an adequate opportunity to realize a profit from the trade.” – Andy Jordan

Source: Tallinex.com