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Aug 20, 2021
We provide the best products on the market using our products along side our website community will help you become a better trader, analyse the market give your view on trades and we believe you will become successful with these tools

We Trade Live Trend Max​

Our team of engineers have programmed a great tool which we have used to success and will aid you in making better decisions when placing a trade, we believe it is better than anything available on the market at the moment! try & Test Against other products and see for yourself how amazing this is.

Our Main Objective is to help you as traders
discover how you can take a simple trading setup and make consistent profits. We provide the fundamentals needed to trade the market,

We Trade Live Trend Max uses advanced algorithm to detect market potential trades using price action and statistical calculations to help find your first take profit level and potential for longer trades on the trend the market is following.

We Trade Live Trend Max is a great tool for finding longer trends in the market with great success there is a high percentage of successful trend breakouts, this indicator is used to to take profit from entry into a trade from the We Trade Live Trend indicators available on the Market especially the We Trade Live Entry & Exit indicator and to to carry on trades if you have multiple orders to specific targets. never repaints or back paints , works on all symbols and time frames you have the option also for integrated pop- up, email, push notification and sound alerts.

This Indicator allows the trader to make longer trades which in turn brings more profit.

We Trade Live Trend Max has an advanced Fibonacci sequence used to identify support and resistance lines and trade breakouts, which can also be used for stop-loss placements and counter-trend target pricing which can also help a trader identify the possible extent of retracement. This is complemented with a RSI , MACD Trend analysis & a breakout Timeframe aid alongside a Bullish and Bearish indication on the current market with currency strengths, this provides you with current currency strengths of the top trading currencies currency in a percentage, this tool is a must have as it helps identify the current market strength and can help you decide which currency to trade on.



providing additional confirmation of trading entries or exits. Trade in the overall direction of the prevailing trend in order to reduce the amount of false breakout signals

a Newly added FEATURE added is the Check TF (Checktime frame) feature added to 15mins, 30mins 1hr chart which will check the trend on all frames times in particular the 4hr trend. so if a alert is received to buy or sell and the trend is not correlating to long term 4hr trend . you will receive a message to check analysis of sell or buy signal before entering , if all trends correlate you will receive a message of strong sell or buy this is a feature which allow you to filter out false signals and increase the accuracy of trend follow on trades.

when turned on Variable will check 15mins, 30mins, 1hr charts fast computer may be required for following timeframes to be turned on when turned off will appear on 15 minute chart which we believe will be

when setting is turned off it will only checks the 15min chart for trend entries , which is possible the best used for entering trades.

This indicator works best on the 4hr time frames , it can work on all time frames , 15 mins & 30 Mins can be used for medium to long analysis, 1 hour & 4hr charts for longer traders, primarily use the 4hr chart has the highest success rate and pip value, for pip target settings please guide. This indicator has been made for manual trading so when an alert has been triggered it is also important you then analyse the position with the other We Trade Live indicators and other time frames to see if it is a valid entry point some alerts may require you to wait to get the best entry into a trade. so it is advised to also use the timeframe indicator as well to which way the market is going.







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