watch this expert and if it has good results i will give you as a gift


Nov 17, 2019
My first thread in your great forums .. so i want to give you a gift

Today I brought to you an expert advisor from the best experts

We will try it for a while on the demo and if it achieves good results and there is a mastery of the way it works I will put it to you for free as a gift

please, if there are any suggestions for its development, please let me know

expert is a simple expert and his idea is very simple and say that they may be consumed and there are many

But the strong secret of this expert is its entry and exit points

When to close trades and when to modify its own direction and close trades on loss sometimes and then enter the other direction

This is according to certain trading conditions programmed within it

But the bottom line is consistently profits !!!

But in the first let's try it at the expense of Demo you can enter and see it

Work will begin with the beginning of this week

Login: 10934884

investor : forex20kGBP

Server: ICMarkets-Demo01