VWAP Heatmap for Forex and Indices/Gold&Oil


Jul 25, 2021

In my continuing strive to make things easier for people, together with the strategy I teach, I have produced a heatmap for Forex and for the Commodities. See picture below.

You now no longer have to keep scanning the charts looking for trades as looking at this one heat map will give you a heads up of where price action is in regards to the vwap. This makes trading the VWAP strategy very easy. You dont have to keep looking at all the charts. Just one view. When price approaches the line in the middle then you know its worth looking at for an entry.

It is a very reliable strategy, as long as you have a gradient. Highly reliable, very easy and now even easier!!! Just have this heatmap up on your screen and you will know when there is something on! Please get in touch if you are interested.