VTL Tight Trailing with Profit Target


Jul 30, 2013
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Dear Friends

We are converting popular and useful expert, indicator into VTL ( VertexFx Trading Language ) to help traders in VertexFx trading platform.

In this process, this time we have built a server side script that can trail stop loss and close position with target profit to help scalp type traders.

Here is details about the script:

This script will run on server to monitor all open positions. It will open managed SLTP order for each open positions with given TargetProfit and TrailingStop settings. After that it will start trailing the stop loss or close position with profit given in ScalpPips variable. To use scalping option
UseTightStop should be True and to use Trailing UseTrailing variable should be True. User can change all of these values from User Defined Variable secition in line 22 to 28

This tight trailing has following features
1. Trailing Stop Loss for one open position
2. Trailing Stop Loss for any currency pair
3. UseTightStop - Close Position with profit of ScalpPips
4. Open managed order just after opening a position with SL and TP

Please visit here for the script: http://www.hybrid-solutions.com/plu...ee/vtl-tight-trailing-with-profit-target.html

Naeem Hasan