VTL Monitor Screen


Jul 30, 2013
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Hello Traders
This time I have developed a monitoring script VTL Monitor Screen for VertexFx client terminal that can keep record on your trading activity. This script can send mail to your email address and keep screen shot of open chart. If you keep the script running and trade manually or by other EA, this script will send mail to your address for each new position with details information and keep a screenshot of open chart in program root location (Usually C:\Program Files\VertexFX Trader 10)
To get this script and many more EA, Indicator for Vertex terminal, please visit http://www.vstore.co
Or get the script directly from this link : http://www.hybrid-solutions.com/plugins/client-vtl-plugins/free/vtlmonitorscreen.html
I hope this script will be helpful to make your trading on VertexFx terminal more attractive and effective.
Naeem Hasan