VPS SERVER FOR FOREX. Zomro company.


Jun 4, 2023
VPS server - a computer to which you connect, download one or more trading terminals and run a trading advisor. As a result, robots trade on this server even when you are away. When a trading robot is running on a virtual server, such technical nuances , as the loss of the Internet or electricity, are leveled. You can connect at any time to manage and control the operation of the terminals, or disconnect. This type of server is automatically configured to work with MetaTrader. Everything you need to start trading quickly is already configured on the server.
*No more than 1 GB of RAM will be allocated for each terminal in the service you ordered. For example, you order the Forex 4 service to host 4 MT4 programs. The total amount of RAM will be 4GB, but each MT4 program will be limited to 1 Gb RAM consumption.