[VIDEO] Watch me make over 600 pips in 24 hours! Live trade results

Mar 27, 2012
Watch me make over 600 pips in 24 hours!


I just posted a new performance video for you and I included a live trade.
In about 24 hours, I earned over 600 pips and my subscribers that used the trade copier were
able to make that too!

I made the video starting Thursday night (January 24) and then completed the video on Friday. (January 25)

Watch the video and see me trade a live break out trade on the GBP/JPY which resulted in about 400 pips
and then I will show you the other trades I took within that 24 hour time.

The video will also explain exactly how I use the strategies to determine trends on the smaller time frames so I could
safely profit over 600 pips with no losses.

Please click here now to see the video
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