VertexFX Server Side EA - Close by Equity VTL


Jul 30, 2013
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Hello traders,

We are presenting another server side script Close by Equity for VertexFx system.

This script is designed to be used for take profit or stop loss, based on current equity status. It will close all opened positions at a certain equity level as defined by the input parameters.

We have two input parameters, mode_of_use and equity_percent_from_balance. Mode_of_use will define the EA purpose of use. With value 1 it will be used for take profit and 2 for stop loss. Second parameter equity_percent_from_balance should be used carefully based on value of first parameter. It should be a ratio grater than 1 for take profit and less than 1 for stop loss.

For example, with take profit mode, 1.05 will indicate closing of all open positions with 5% profit and for stop loss mode, 0.90 will close all open positions when equity goes below 90% of current balance.

Please visit here to get the scrip:

Hope it will be very helpful for trading on VertexFx system.


Naeem Hasan