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Apr 11, 2013
Forex is the largest financial market in the world with the largest turnover.
Vector Securities offers advantages of Forex trading :
- Spreads are fixed regardless of market liquidity
- A maximum leverage option of 1/10 to 1/500
- Trade account type Standar-Mini-Micro
- Deposit/Withdraw (Visa/Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve)
- Trading and technique support – 24 hours a day
- Processing and accounting of all transactions 24 hours
- Friendly and helpful customer service representatives are available by phone, live chat and e-mail.
- Technical support:
Tel: +44-20-331-852-66
ICQ: 282751614
Working hours of the technical support section: starting 23.00 Sunday till 22.00 Friday, CET
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Vector Securities (
•The forex market is a near-seamless 24-hour market. Trading Forex and Stock market of metals daily from Monday 00:00 CET until Friday 21:59 CET.
•Trading CFD contracts daily from Monday 15:30 CET until Friday 21:59 CET.
•If for any reason it is impossible to trade by Internet, Vector Securities supports trading 24/7 by telephone. Trading by telephone from Monday 08:00 CET until Friday 15:45 CET.
•Vector Securities offers competitive fixed spreads on 25 currency pairs.
•Vector Securities offers to trade 30 CFDs contracts of shares (of Dow Jones index) also Gold and Silver contracts.
•Our company offers from 2 pips spreads in major currencies.
•Vector Securities offers mini forex trading, allowing customers to trade position sizes as small as 10,000 based currency units. The minimum account size is 100 USD.
•Vector Securities offers standard forex trading, allowing to trade position sizes 100,000 based currency units. The minimum account size is 1000 USD.
•In the forex market costs are confined to the bid-ask spread. Vector Securities charges no commission on Customer trades or additional transaction fees.
•If the market opens with a gap or a gap arises within the day, then the orders are executed: Buy Stop & Sell Stop orders are fulfilled at the first prices in the market.
•The current minimum margin to open a position is equal to 0.2% (zero point two percent) of the position, that is a 500:1 leverage, but Customer can utilize smaller leverage.
•Confirmations of completed transactions and account statements will be sent out to the Customer daily.

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Withdrawal: trade the required number of lots to withdraw the bonus.

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May 6, 2013
I am Kunle, All i have being hearing about this broker is great. They are making the newest innovation in the market. I hope they continues like this, f so, they are going places.