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Aug 25, 2011
Forex Robot – Do they work?

There are many questions about forex robot and whether do they work?
Forex robot in fact is the automated way people choose to trade forex with.
But the question is whether do they work?
If you go research around for real forex robot reviews. You will find that most doesn’t work. Or at least over 90% of them do not work.
Think about it, if forex robot do work. Why do banks and major institutions still need chief forex traders and forex traders?
They have all the money to develop the best forex robot, why do they still need human to trade for them?
Forex Robot – Do they work?

Then the next question would be, But those forex robot have a perfect 10 year track record.
So they should work right…
Here’s the fact – track records can be manipulated.
And past performance are always not an indicator for future performance.
Forex robot are develop by – DEVELOPERS.
Usually NOT Real forex traders themselves.
If the forex robot would make them so much money and have such a perfect track record.
How much do you think it is worth? At least for Millions of dollars?
But how much are those forex robot selling in the market. Less than a hundred bucks. Feasible?
Forex Robot – Do they work?

The hype in the forex market for automated forex trading WILL be always there.
Because people are always looking for ways to earn money on autopilot with just a click of the button.
Therefore there will always be new forex robot coming out every other day.
If you want to make forex trading your career, take some time and diligence to learn to trade forex.
Your future should not be relied on some automated forex robot, it will not work forever.
But once you have mastered forex trading as a skill, it will be with you for life.
And you can pass this skill on to your future generations.
Disclaimer: I’m not saying that ALL forex robot does not work, the above is just my opinion and i will not be held liable or responsible for it.
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See you on the other side my friend,
Asia Forex Mentor
Ezekiel Chew