Unlock Your Potential with the Realities of Trading


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Apr 17, 2013
Do you want to be a successful trader? Then you need to unlock your potential and develop the right habits and routines.

Experience shows that people want to keep doing what they are doing, while expecting different results. In trading, that means they carry on trading in a certain way even when it brings poor results. Making a career out of trading means you have to identify what doesn’t work for you, and stop doing it. But that’s not easy – nobody likes being told they are wrong.

Your mind is the biggest obstacle that you need to overcome. It prevents you from following trading plans and deceives you into disobeying winning rules because of a transitory setback, thus missing great opportunities to make decent profits.

You can only unlock your trading potential through the realities of trading.

This book explains the traps that your mind can fall into and the methods you should use to avoid them. The author talks about how to use trading strategies, how to stay disciplined, and the right attitude to take whether you win or lose a trade. He covers trading situations from the past, such as the Greek debt crisis and the Swiss franc/euro upheaval in 2015, and explains how he traded those opportunities. He also talks about position sizes, the right time to trade and what you need to know about drawdowns.

Throughout the book, the author pinpoints ways in which bad habits can sabotage your trades, and how to prevent this happening and unlock your potential to become a great trader.

Unlock Your Potential with the Trading realities - a book
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