Unique Forex project "Future"


Mar 27, 2019
Hello, dear friend!

If you read these, then you will become a part of the ForexTimes.ru project team!

My name is Den A. Strelkov and I am your friend !!!

Less empty words - more facts!

And the fact is that the uniqueness of the project is his team.
The team that is TOP portal analysts with 2,000,000 visits (https://www.tradingview.com/u/ForexTimes_/)
and the team that created a unique product, with a simple name - "Future":
1. Ease of understanding forecasts and execution of trading recommendations
2. Selection of trading recommendations: short-term, medium-term and strategic goals
3. Development of trading recommendations on real accounts with public monitoring

Do not believe the words - check it yourself !!!

1. Trading recommendations you will find in the open channel in the telegram: https://t.me/ForexTimesChannel
2. Monitoring the real account for the implementation of trading recommendations here:

Examples of short-term signals, medium-term recommendations and strategic goals you will always find in this thread of the forum.
Also, I will publish here reports on all transactions that are carried out by the project team - public monitoring of which you will find at the links above.

Join the ForexTimes.ru team !!!
Go to the open channel https://t.me/ForexTimesChannel and become part of the "Future" today !!!

Regards Den A. Strelkov - your friend!

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