U.S. Credit Card Companies Looking For A Way Out


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Dec 13, 2008
Several large U.S. based credit card companies are for an escape.

From what? From the very type of customer that used to be a credit card companies dream: customers carrying very high balances.

Credit card companies used to relish having these types of customers, encouraging them to keep their balances high through "reward points" and high spending "bonuses" but now, due to the recession and increasing defaults on credit cards, the companies are changing their tune.

These credit giants are looking for ways to ditch customers who have high balances. Tactics such as raising the minimum payment percentage to lowering the customer's credit limit without warning are being used to get debtor's balances down and eventually eliminate them altogether.

Although this may initially lighten the average American consumers wallet, it may be an overall positive economic move in the long run, helping to eliminate debtors credit card balance and, most importantly, stop the interest rate thieves in their tracks.


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Feb 11, 2009
I think this could be a really positive move. Do you know if companies here in the UK are doing the same sort of thing?