Two trading resources that could ease information overload


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Jun 21, 2011
One of the overwhelming realities of becoming a successful trader is the amount of information that you will need to learn about.

Honestly it is endless. Even after many years of trading every day...
there is always something else to learn.

It is very easy to become overloaded with resource websites and blogs.

I have found two easy to use and free tools to keep your information sources organized and easy to view at a glance.

The first is Google reader.
With Google reader, you can setup all your favorite websites and blogs on one page.
When you log into your Google reader page, you can see all new articles and posts and the reader will mark them as read when you scroll by them. You can also share your favorite articles with others.

This means that you won't have to visit a separate website when you are trying to view your favorites,
it will all be in one place.

To check out Google Reader please click here

The second resource for organizing your research that I recommend is Google Alerts.

This tool is great for searching out pieces of information on a particular topic.

For example you could search just for the subject “GBP/USD”.
Anything that is posted almost anywhere on the web will be delivered to you on that subject.

Let's say you thinking about trading a certain economic announcement and about a day or two before the release of that data, you want to review comments, articles and discussions on the report.
Well you could type in the keyword (Non Farm Payroll for June 6th 2011/ example) and any new pieces of information will be delivered right to your email account.

You could watch the development of traders expectations right up to the very moment the economic announcement is released.

This tool can be use to search any topic you are interested in.

You could also view the “preview results” option for immediate information.

You can specify which email account you want the information to be delivered to,
how often you want the information and what source type you prefer.

These two tools will save you lots of time and provide you with much more, easy to access, information.

You can get the Google alerts by clicking here

Good luck trading!



Sep 21, 2011
Really good sources are searched and shared by you. I am familiar with both Google reader and Google Alerts but I did not use it to gather my favorite websites. Even now going to use it for forex updates and news.