Two Per Bar VTL EA for VertexFX Trading system


Active Trader
Oct 15, 2015
Two Per Bar is a very powerful VTL Expert Advisor for Vertex FX trading system. It works on the strategy whch opens a sell and a buy order on every bar with auto adjusted lot size and closes the order with defined profit level.
The Two Per Bar opens a buy and sell order with the every opening of a new candle or bar. The EA also adjust the lot size on the basis of loss and with the parameter Lot Limit. When the Lots cross the upper limit, it adjusts itself to LotLimit. The EA closes order when it crosses a predefined profit level which a trader can set with a Profit Made configurable parameter.

Configurable Parameters
Lotsize = 'how many lots to trade at a time by default it is 0.1
Slippage = how many pips of slippage can you tolerate by default it is 5
ProfitMade = how much money do you expect to make by default it is 19
LotLimit=Max Lot limit an EA should open by default it is 12.8