TrendPower - Custom Indicator for VertexFx System


Jul 30, 2013
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Hi Dear
This time I have developed a custom indicator for VertexFx system. It’s a client side script that will draw the custom indicator in a separate window on the chart. Indicators value shows the weighted average of signals from three popular standard indicators. First one is slow and fast EMA, second Community Channel Index and third one is average directional index ADX. You can set period of all indicators and their weight. When all of these indicators give buy signal TrenPower will show maximum value, and when all of them show sell signal it will be minimum ( or maximum in negative side). With perfect weight and period setting this indicator can give a combined result of those three indicators.
Hope it will be helpful in making your trade decision on VertexFx system. Please test it on demo account first to understand all features.
Happy trading.
Please get the script from here: