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Master Trader
May 8, 2014
Trendless Oscillator was developed by Joe DiNapoli and described in his book, Trading with DiNapoli levels. It used with Fibonacci Levels to open trades. However, it can be used as a standalone indicator or with other indicators and support resistance levels.


TrendlessOscillator = Close – Simple Moving Average of close with period 7

The basic idea of the Trendless Oscillator is when it is above 0, it is uptrend and when below 0, it is down trend. It is designed to show overbought oversold situations too. When it reaches an extreme level above 0, the instrument is considered in an overbought situation. This may lead to consolidation or trend reversal. Many times, trend pauses and continue in the original direction. The overbought levels are used as profit booking levels. The extreme levels in this indicator is a relative term, observe the charts and find the extreme levels indicator reached historically. This depends on the volatility of the instrument.

Another method to use the oscillator is divergence. When price makes new high and oscillator fails to reach new high, there is divergence between price and oscillator. This happens when the trend is losing strength, and eventually lead to a reversal of trend.



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