Trading with AximTrade: Online Banking Payments for CIS Countries


Apr 6, 2022
At AximTrade, we understand how important it is for you to have the freedom to deposit and withdraw at your convenience. Consequently, we have handpicked some of the best local online banking and payment providers in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan as a means of improving the ease of deposits and withdrawals for our clients from CIS countries.

Yes, you read that right! AximTrade now accepts local online banking and payments in CIS nations such as Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. All reasonable steps are taken to ensure there is no delay between you placing a deposit request or withdrawing funds. You can rest assured that your money is in a safe and secure environment since AximTrade follows the strict regulations and compliance procedures set forth by the various regulatory bodies we are regulated by.

AximTrade Local Payment Methods for CIS Countries

AximTrade offers Instant deposits and withdrawals through online banking, enabling clients from CIS countries to manage their funds with greater flexibility. With a wide range of local and international payment methods, AximTrade provides convenient ways to withdraw or deposit money and enables reliable conditions for traders. The following are the deposit and withdrawal options people from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan have available for online banking:

1. Russia — Online Banking RUB

AximTrade Russian online banking is supported by a number of Russian banks, including Sberbank, Tinkoff, and Raiffeisen.

Deposit: AximTrade offers instant processing for Russian online banking deposits and takes 0% commission on these deposits. The minimum deposit required to open an account is 23 USD.

Withdrawal: AximTrade takes 0% commissions for Russian online banking withdrawals. It takes only a few seconds to complete a withdrawal, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 1500 RUB.

2. Kazakhstan — Online Banking KZT

AximTrade Kazakhstan online banking is supported by a number of Kazakhstan banks, including Sberbank.KZ, Eurasian Bank, Jusan Bank, Bank CenterCredit, and ForteBank.

Deposit: AximTrade takes 0% commissions for online banking payments made from Kazakhstan. The process is extremely quick and the minimum deposit to open an account is 23 USD.

Withdrawal: There are no withdrawal commissions when withdrawing Kazakhstan KZT with AximTrade. It takes just a few seconds, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 KZT.

3. Ukraine — Online Banking UAH

AximTrade Ukraine online banking is supported by a number of Ukraine banks, such as Monobank and PrivatBank.

Deposit: Trading deposits from Ukraine are completely commission-free and processed instantly at AximTrade. The minimum deposit required to trade is 3 USD.

Withdrawal: Withdrawals from Ukraine are free of commission at AximTrade, and the process is instant. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 UAH.

4. Uzbekistan — Online Banking & GROWPAY UZS

AximTrade Uzbekistan online banking is supported by a number of Uzbekistan banks like Agrobank, Xalq Bank and Hamkorbank.

Deposit: AximTrade offers instant deposit processing and does not charge commissions on deposits from Uzbekistan. Traders must deposit a minimum of 23 USD to begin trading.

Withdrawl: AximTrade takes 0% commissions for UZS withdrawals from Uzbekistan and processes them instantly. The withdrawal can be done using GROWPAY and the minimum withdrawal amount is 225,000 UZS.

Each transaction at AximTrade is monitored via the personal account, and segregated accounts are established to ensure that Client funds are clearly separated from company funds. All deposits to the trading account are made to specially designated accounts holding the clients’ funds securely. Also, internal transfers between accounts are instant, making it possible for customers to control their funds 24/7.

Why should you choose AximTrade?

When trading forex, it is essential to choose the best forex broker since the brokerage is considered a business partner that should fulfil the main requirements for successful trading. AximTrade is a globally competitive forex broker that guarantees premium services and has won the trust and satisfaction of more than 300,000 clients worldwide. Here’s the AximTrade review to show you why.

Offering a highly advanced MT4 execution and Copytrade platform, the company has achieved regional and global recognition for its competitive trading conditions, low spreads, minimum balances, reduced financial commitment, diverse account types, and lucrative forex bonuses. With AximTrade, you can trade 49+ Currencies, Indices, Metals, Energies, and Cryptocurrencies.

Depending on your trading strategy, experience, and investment capital, you can choose from different account types from AximTrade. Choices include Standard account, Cent account, ECN account and Infinite Leverage account. AximTrade clients are allowed to manage up to 15 active trading accounts, including 7 Standard Accounts, 2 Cent Accounts, 5 ECN Accounts, and only 1 Infinite Account per Member Area profile.

Is AximTrade Regulated and Legit?​

Yes, AximTrade LLC is incorporated under registration number 328 LLC 2020 by the Registrar of Limited Companies, LLC registered by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and by the National Futures Association (ID: 0539713).

AximTrade provides a secure environment for financial investors and clients by ensuring industry compliance with the highest international regulatory standards and best business practices. The company provides a high level of protection for the interests of the general public and market participants. AximTrade applies the rules of client privacy and confidentiality of legitimate business transactions.

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