Trading Signals for JPY Pairs (July 8 – September 30, 2016)

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    USDJPY = Sell

    AUDJPY = Sell

    CADJPY = Sell

    CHFJPY = Sell

    EURJPY = Sell

    GBPJPY = Sell

    NZDJPY = Sell

    NB: Every trade could be entered with a stop loss of 100 pips and a take profit of 200 pips. Only 0.5% is risked per trade. With an account balance of $20,000, a position size of 0.1 lots would be used. The breakeven stop is set after about 70-pip profit is made. A trailing stop of 100 pips is set after over 170 pips have been gained. You need to use your technical analysis to know when to enter, since you may want to trade a pair only after your entry criteria have been met.

    Disclaimer: Trading signals are provided for information purposes only and shouldn’t be construed as trading advice.

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