Trading Price and Time


Master Trader
Mar 26, 2011
One way of trading that is often overlooked by many traders, is trading price and time. This method of trading forecasts potential turning points in the markets. Two types of trading methods related to price and time are Fibonacci and the Gann Square of Nine.

Both these methods will allow you to find potential reversal points by both the price of the market and the date.

For Fibonacci, we take the previous high and low that stands out, as well as their respective dates. We then calculate the potential turning points by using Fibonacci ratios like .382, .50 and .618. Let’s suppose we are looking at a market that had a low of 300 and a high of 400. The low was made on January 1st and the high was made on June 30th. We take the difference in the prices and the dates and multiply them by the ratios mentioned.

For the price, we subtract 400 – 300 = 100. We then multiply 100 by the ratios and subtract them from the second number which is 400.

So 100 * .50 = 50. 400 – 50 = 350. The .50 ratio gives us a reversal point of 350. Do the same for the .382 and .618 ratios.
100 * .382 = 38.20. 400 – 38.20 = 361.80.
100 * .618 = 61.80. 400- 61.80 = 338.20.

We now have 3 potential turning points in the market:
Price1: 361.80
Price2: 350.00
Price3: 338.20

For the time, we have applied the same calculations of the difference of the 2 dates and we get 3 dates where we have a potential reversal:
Date1: 9/6/2006
Date2: 9/28/2006
Date3: 10/19/2006

We are watching to see if Price and Time “Meet”.

Gann is not as easy to do by hand. You will need a program or the Gann square of nine in printed format to be able to see what the forecasted price reversals are. Also for Gann , only one price and date are entered. It is based on the squares in the pyramid and their mathematical alignment to each other.

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