Trading as a sort of income

Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by Edgar, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Edgar

    Edgar Newbie

    Binary options as a sort of income. Is it possible?
    I mean, is here anybody who lives only by getting money from trades?
  2. eyeball

    eyeball Master Trader

    Answer (but you may not like it )

    Edgar--It can be done,however, there is a long and very difficult learning process that one must endure to achieve it. It is a project that if taken on seriously is both arduous and time consuming and will require the best of your creative and cognitive abilities.Most who attempt fail for lack of sufficiency in one or the other or the inability to persevere in the face of repeated setbacks. Good luck in your endeavors. Feel free to contact me by PM for any specific help I can provide on particular questions you may have. ( I do not reveal any systems or algorithms that I use nor do I sell any EAs or signals )
  3. Sarah12

    Sarah12 Newbie

    Hi Edgar,Eyeball have explained it well,It is very likely and possible to make a living only out of trading,but as Eyeball said,it demands time and your devotion,you can do it with devout devotion, diligence,perseverance and patience. Remember Rome was not built in one day,you would definitely get down on many occasions,but pick you self up and dust your way out if you happen to fall,continue to upgrade yourself by consistently learning and practicing and you would find your holy grail if there is :)
  4. Hello Edgar, from many years of experience i can tell you that in Binary Option you will not be able to do it unless you will be super lucky and also get to a super honest broker which is a rare if exist at all. In Forex however, it is possible as you have the opportunity to develop trading strategies and money money management system that will favor your chances for successful trading.
  5. Luthfi Maung

    Luthfi Maung Trader

    Sure thing, it's still rare to find an honest Binary Option broker. In forex, you could develop yourself (not just risk and money management in forex, but also both of them in your daily life) and be wiser...
  6. radex78

    radex78 Active Trader

    I don't have experience in binary option, but might his similar with forex trading, and i am prefer forex because can use stop loss and many insrument trading available, and as I know binary option we trade based on timeframe, whether short timeframe or long timeframe, forex for me more reliable han binary option, but in fact each trader have own opinion about this matter.

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