Trade Forex - Learn how one on one with pro trader


Aug 31, 2011
Trade FX and get the most out of compound interest, trading FX is exactly what bankers are doing with your hard earned savings, why not do the same and get money to do what it was meant for, to work for you.

The course is a one on one session, so you can get the answers directly from a professional trader, get to know how we think. We go through the inns and outs of Forex and any questions you may have about it.
I set up your trading platform by installing and tweaking some easy to follow indicators. There is a total of 7 and I explain to you what each indicator is telling us and exactly how to apply them. We spend a couple of hours on the live trading floor where I will show you exactly what to look out for, where and when to exit and enter a trade,
where to take your profit, etc. It is a trading blue print, all you will need to do is copy it and make consistent profits, guaranteed.

If you already have a live trading account I could already make you some money as we will go through a couple of live trades. You will start to make money immediately. And not much can beat the feeling of making money from your very own computer screen, in the comfort of your home trading the most exciting market.

It is an intensive 4-6 hour course and I guarantee that you will be able
to apply the strategy before the session is over.

If you are interested to learn please give me some lead way as I might be busy that day.
If you need any further info please don’t hesitate to mail.

We do all of this through skype and so can be done at anytime during the day. Its also a lot cheaper to do it this way and I promise it will be exactly the same as if I were sitting right next to you as I show you step by step what you need to do.

I guarantee that this trading strategy will radically change your life, My aim is to get you trading full time for a living ASAP.
My skype name is: princericco

Everybody should be trading, start today and take a huge step towards financial freedom
Please do not hesitate to mail any queries

Iit includes this one on one session which could last up to 6 hours as I make sure you are able to apply the strategy on your own before we are done, constant email support, a step by step check list with actual trade examples. About a week later we will have another shorter session where we can go through the strategy again and brush up on any doubts, if there are any. On occasion I will ask for you to send me trade examples you have made so I can point out any errors, I will be there for you every step, this is a great way to become a confident trader and once you have the confidence the money comes rolling in, confidence comes with knowing what to do and that it exactly what I teach

If you are looking to get into FX trading for a living and dont know where to start or what strategy to trade then you have come to the right place, no more confusing trade set up strategies that work for a couple of days and then end up clearing your account. Even if you have been trading for a while and just need to brush up your skills, strategy is all you will need to make consistent profits GUARANTEED on any currency pair, on any time frame and in any market condition.