Trade Effectively With VTL Trailing Stop Plug-In Offered By VertexFX


Sep 5, 2014
The script of the plug-in is specifically designed to run on server. It manages the order of SLTP for all open positions with TargetProfit and TrailingStop settings effectively.

Click the below link to get brief idea of the lpug-in.

It also trailing the stop loss and enables the user to change the values. The user can change User defined Variable section.

It is evident that the users remember the Stop Offset of all the respective brokers. i.e. 20 point.

Trails the stop loss that are chart specific and it also trails in in account specific stop loss. If it is attached to any account, it will modify the stop loss for all the traders.
If the user sets the ProfitTraling feature, it effectively trades that are currently in profit. In addition, if the users use the ProfitTraget value to 0, it disables all the trailing that has reached the respective target.

Once the attachment id downloaded, copy it to the companies VertexFX Local VTL Files folder and the path for that is C:\Program Files\Company Name\vtl10\Local VTL Scripts\.

Just restart the system and you can right click in the “Local VTL Scripts” tree node to access the script.

The Plug-in offered by VertexFX are very useful and can generate desired results for the clients.