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    Earn Forex should consider the idea of developing and sponsoring a head to head forex tournament between individual traders that would be somewhat similar to the poker and basketball tournaments that are currently popular. Individual traders would,at random, be matched against each other for a limited period of time, perhaps 10 days to 2 weeks, the winner to be determined by the greatest net profit at the conclusion of the contest. Of course this would have to be conducted on a demo account basis without money at risk.The winner of each individual match would move forward to face winners of their individual matches until an ultimate single individual winner is established who then might be awarded a small but not insignificant prize ( the real reward being the recognition that might follow from being declared the winner of the EarnForex tournament) I believe this would engender interest not only from the participants and those close to them but from bystanders and other forum members who are not active players as well as the greater forex community at large and would in all probability generate enhanced, incremental, non-duplicated traffic to your website.--EB
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    Interesting idea...

    But what's the point in head-to-head Forex tournaments if traders cannot really compete against each other (like players do in most sports, e.g. tennis)? They compete against the market and their performance is independent. There simply no reason to substitute the simple tournament scheme (all trade simultaneously) with a head-to-head scheme.
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    Forex trading, being a zero sum game, is as much a competition between traders as a competition against the market. Certainly dealer/brokers, taking adversary positions against their customers, merely to serve market continuity is not always a competition but often becomes one.From a different perspective I believe a tournament would promote renewed interest
    and enthusiasm and give opportunity to those self-proclaimed gurus to distinguish themselves by demonstrating their abilities (or lack of them )
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    I am not really sure that forex is a competition between Traders but it is indeed a competition against the market. the brokers and Dealers are sure want to keep the market going always.they are person who says they are gurus in trading and in the markets so i want an opportunity to displayed there talents. If it is not good then i should be corrected.
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    The definition of a "zero sum game" is that for every winning trade their is an equal and opposing losing trade made by another anonymous trader--in most cases the broker/dealing who has your account. The fact that the house may hedge /offset your trade or match it with another opposing trade does not mitigate the fact that in the final analysis the better traders ,in sum total,win an amount equal to that lost by the poorer traders. Therefore, by definition once removed , the traders are actually trading against each other rather than trading against an amorphous "market"
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    Bro I would watchbit and compete in it hells yea
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    Let's do it :)
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    Would be great to watch!

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