TItle : Heat Map Multi color Indicator for VertexFX


Active Trader
Oct 15, 2015


We Have converted an Indicator Heat Map Multicolor for VertexFX.

Heat Map Multicolor is a powerful VTL indicator for VertexFX trading system which highlights the price zones that had hottest activity (hottest zones). The indicator shows a gradient from cold to hot. The essence of this indicator is to extract the most active price areas on the chart.

The heat map indicator shows where the price is staying and ranging over the past few days. The red colour indicates the main rates where the price has been stayed much.

After applying the indicator on the VertexFX chart it determines all the values which are upper than the actual price and all the values which are lower than the actual price.

The Indicator mainly consider two zones which are called as Hot Zone and Cold Zone. These zones are determined on the basis of upper and lower values of the actual price .

the calculation of Heat map depends on a variable called Ratio, when ratio = Values upper than the actual price/ (Values upper than the actual price +Values lower than the actual price)

When Ratio = 1 then it is called as Hot/Active Price Zone and it is shows in chart in Red Color.

When Ratio =0 Then it is called as Cold/ Inactive Price Zone and it is shown in chart in Blue Color.

Please Note That Heat Map Multicolor is not a trading Indicator.

Link : http://www.hybrid-solutions.com/plugins/client-vtl-plugins/free/heat-map-multicolor.html