Title : Drive Indicator for VertexFX


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Oct 15, 2015

We have converted an Indicaror Drive for VertexFX. Drive is a powerful VTL indicator for VertexFX trading system. The indicator plots two separate lines one in Red color and other is Green color. These both lines are generated using two separate combination of averages using values of High, Low, Open and Close of each candle.
With the help of these red and green chart lines, traders can understand whether the market is running/moving in Up Trend or Down Trend. Values of the both Red and Green line are updated on the opening of every new candle and they are calculated using following calculation formula:
Green = ((High - Open) + (Close - Low))/2, averaged for the selected period.
Red = ((Open - Low) + (High - Close))/2, averaged for the selected period.

Note: This indicator is used to trade breakouts. When Green line crosses and move above Red line a Buy trade can be initiated. Similarly, when the Red Line crosses and move above Green, a Sell trade can be initiated.


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