Thomas Demark – Tomorrow Hot New Indicators (video)

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    Thomas Demark – Tomorrow Hot New Indicators (Video)
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    Thomas DeMark is the founder and CEO of DeMark Analytics, LLC, creator of the DeMark Indicators, and has been a special consultant to Steven A. Cohen of SAC Capital Advisors for over 17 years.Mr. DeMark’s indicators are used in the market timing and technical analysis of financial markets. Some of his indicators include the following: Sequential®, Combo®, Setup®, Setup Trend (TDST)®, Countdown®, Range Expansion Index™, D-Wave®, TD Lines™, Differential™ and Camouflage®.DeMark’s recent stock market predictions include having forecast months in advance the October 4, 2011 US market bottom to within 1 point of the exact low and the precise Shanghai Composite market low on December 4, 2012,precise subsequent February 6, 2013 high, then June low and September 2013 high to the exact day.
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    Is this free or paid indicator? By the way, your link is not working right now! Can you please check it again?

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