The tightest spread


May 13, 2015
Hi guys,

I'd like to introduce a reliable broker that provides you

- very tight spreads (0.4-0.5 pip in EURUSD and USDJPY - if you register via my partner-link, the spread will be as low as 0.0-0.1 pip with my cash-rebate!)
- fast withdrawal time (I have experience only with Neteller and Skrill, few hours to these)
- true ECN account with leverage to maximum 1:500
- no requotes, no slippage
- scalping is available
- good support
- great IB program

If you are interested, write me a private message, or e-mail me (, it is worth a try!


Master Trader
Sep 11, 2014
In my view there is really nothing better than to be able to trade with lower spread, but things get really awesome when we are able to do it with a good quality broker without even rebate. I am getting just that with Nova FX Company, it has terrific stable spread of 1.5 pips for all major pairs and most above they are a brilliant company, so I am completely relax in whatever way I trade as I am always getting support.

Dwight Dickham

Master Trader
Oct 29, 2014
Spread is important yet we must remember that it’s never everything and there are much more important things to look in Forex in case of getting success. I am working with OctaFX broker and their low spread is really the highlight package with 0.2 pips for all major pairs while it is also their superb customer service that works very well, so that’s why my first preference is to work with a company of this class, it’s just awesome to deal with them!