The Golden Age of Biotech


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Apr 17, 2013
While all of the aforementioned fields -- crypto, AI, biotech, human improvement -- are fascinating on their own…

What’s most interesting is talking to people about where they intersect.

I’m currently going through my 50+ pages of notes from the conferences. (More specific projects to come.)

Here’s just a taste:

→ Leveraging blockchain to crowdsource funding and data for drug research, enabling a more democratized and transparent approach to biotech innovations.

→ Using AI to analyze genetic data stored securely on blockchain networks, ensuring privacy while unlocking personalized medicine insights.

→ Using blockchain to create immutable, secure patient records that can be analyzed by AI.

→ Employing smart contracts to automate and secure collaborations between biotech companies, researchers, and institutions, reducing bureaucracy and fostering innovation.

→ Using AI algorithms to simulate and predict the effectiveness of drug compounds, speeding up discovery processes and reducing costs.

→ Using NFTs to secure intellectual property on the blockchain, allowing for more streamlined data sharing, while protecting proprietary data.

And a whole lot more.

At the center of it all, however, is a global movement called Decentralized Science, or DeSci.

And I was surprised to see just how far along this movement really is. .

Author: Chris C.

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