The Forex Blueprient to be profitable: The Secret to make money consistently


Aug 17, 2015
Do you want to be profitable or not? Would you like to have the minimum risk and the maximum profit factor?

First of all this post is not to sell you something now or in the future. I just want to share and debunk the Forex myths. This is something instructors never tell you about Forex.

So this is the only way to do it in Forex, this is how i did it after some years.

There is no other way to become a forex elite trader. Institutions and hedgefunds do it this way, and now i will share it to you. After this you will see why most of retail traders end up giving their money to the brokers due to this big advantage.

how do i know this? i worked for them

What everybody (retail traders) know or they think they know, is that exclusively what moves the market are the technicals and/or the fundamentals. So they just know about Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis.

But the truth is Technicals dont drive the market, neither Fundamentals, not at all. Thats why Gartley or other patterns fail (technical fails). Thats why after news we get the opposite move of what it should be (fundamental fails) .

The only thing that really moves this market and every other is the Supply and Demand. In other words, what truely moves the market are the High Volumes (the Big Buying or Selling orders from institutions like Banks or Hedgefunds). So if there is more money in the Buy side, the price eventually moves up, and if the flow is bigger for the Sale side, the price moves down.

Unfortunately not everybody is available to play at this level because it would be good for you, and bad for your broker, the one who wants your money. So they just offer something to give you minimum possibilities of winning called MT4. Thats why 90% of the retailers fail in this business. Now you can join the top and do it too.

I can see where the Big orders are, at what prices institutions want to buy or sell... and most of the time (almost always, 90% of the time)when these prices are touched and their orders get filled, guess what? the price moves more than 10 pips or 10 at least. Enough to get profits consistently with a minimum risk.

That is all for now, so if you want to test this method of checking the Bids and Offers (buying and selling orders) i see from institutions, you can test it by yourself and start to beat the market.

i will share levels here everyday

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