The best Forex trading platform for Traders


Dec 9, 2017
The best Forex trading platform for Traders

If you are looking for the reputable Forex trading platform in Vietnam, you will be one of two types of trader:

You have experienced forex trading and currently you have no favor with the trading floor that you are trading, you want to make some floor better.
You do not have the experience and prepare to invest Forex trading. But are you still hesitant about the decision to invest in Forex?
Trading floors in the world in general and Vietnam in particular, there are many different Forex trading platform. And each has its own strengths. However, you will work directly with the IB or broker and not work with the Forex trading platform you have chosen. So choose a proper IB for your peace of mind trading.

Here are some criteria you can evaluate the Forex trading platform in Vietnam.

1 - Forex trading floors must have a certificate of financial management

Before you want to deposit funds for any trading platform, you must pay attention to this information first. The exchange must have a license issued by a valid financial institution. As the FCA (Financial Conductt Authority). Many IB impersonators or fraudulent flooring to deceive you. Finding that certified flooring information is not too difficult for you to find out on the internet.

For example: forex trading platform FX88 has a website in the market in Vietnam is htttps: // then you will see the IFSC license and verify the certificate on the website. And the same for other trading floors if you want to verify.


2: Forex trading platforms must be transparent and transparent

Trading floors provide you with transparent information such as financial procedures, offices, and related legal documents that are transparent floor signs. You also have to confirm very clearly about the account opening, account confirmation, fast loading procedures. And refill by means of things that you are not ignored.

You should also find out about the fees charged at the trading floors and look carefully at the trading platform, especially the floor rules in special cases. Some trading floors also regularly announce the trader's trading results (usually the odds in general) on a quarterly basis, which is also a factor you should consider. A trading floor with a high Trader rate is also worth a lot more than the floor Trader trades all over!


3: Best forex trading platform with IB commission and attractive spread?

Commissions are referring to big traders or Forex brokers called brokers. The commission will also depend on the volume of transactions that each policy commission will vary.

The difference or spread, this is the trader is new or experienced are interested. Because it is the difference between the buy and sell price. The lower the spread, the better.

However, to get experience you have to ask very clearly about the spread fee you will support when you decide to deposit into the floor.

Based on the information provided above, hope to help you settle on which criteria to evaluate the Forex floor that is reputable and worth investing.

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