The advantages of Forex Octopus


Jan 6, 2017
From this point on, the extent of your success depends only on you.

You are a trader and as such, you decide for yourself just how much of both, your time and attention, you’d be willing to give in exchange for the “music to your ears” – namely, the sweet sound of the unending money flow…

The ALL new and unique Forex Octopus System offers you a universal trading instrument for ALL currency pairs.

You get to choose yourself which pairs you want to trade and just how much profit you want to turn.

The system gives you a complete creative freedom.

There are plenty of products on the Forex market right now. Some of them are profitable, some aren’t. Some are very profitable in one market situation and inversely, cause monetary losses in another.

Quite a few of the developers invent and utilize their products to be used exclusively with 1-2 currency pairs. Such products can be quite profitable. However, as we all know, there are always good times as well as the bad ones. And in the situations like that, a trader, who utilizes a few pairs has a much greater chance to have a stable profit, than someone who concentrates primarily on only 1 or 2 pairs.

First of all, we’d like to recommend this system to all our dear members – if it wasn’t for your contributions and all your inquiries, we would have never dared to venture and take on such a big challenge. It was your support and belief in our products, that inspired us to work tirelessly to accomplish what we have.

The advantages of Forex Octopus:

The system works with any currency pairs
The system sends precise signals on when to open and close your orders
The system is simple to install and operate – something that permits an
operation even by a beginner traders
The trader personally selects a number of currency pairs, he wishes to make money on, considering the time and amount of attention he can dedicate to trading
The system operates in the terminal of ANY broker (MT4)
The system is extremely user-friendly. Once installed, it doesn’t require any
further adjustments
A low level of drawdown allows using the system with very small deposits
(from $200 - $300)
The system pays for itself after the first 1-2 profitable trades

"FOREX OCTOPUS" Performance (click to enlarge)

302pips_cadjpy_s.jpg 359pips_usdchf_s.jpg

As the indicators, that send the signal to open orders, we use 3 Exponential Moving Average with various parameters. These indicators don’t require an introduction – they are built into any terminal of any broker and are frequently used in various systems.

The main developmental “staple” inside our system are 2 indicators that send signal to close order, while filtering out the maximum number of false signals.

The super low number of drawdowns and maximized profit with each currency pair

THAT is the uniqueness of our system!

link the download : Please try in demo account