TaiMa Forex EA For Free (stable profit monthly)


Oct 28, 2018
TaiMa Forex EA

We’re Taiwan and Malaysia joint Forex trading and strategy research centre. English is not our first language but we love forex trading and hope to share to everyone who knows it. TaiMa Forex EA trades over 28 pairs of currencies. Hedging theory is adopted as the main strategy in this EA, accompanied along back-propagation artificial neural network and system dynamics. The historical trading result shows that, TaiMa Forex EA had good performance and very stable, it gained 7% of profit monthly with low draw down. We hope that you can subscribe TaiMa Forex EA, and it will bring fortune to you in future. Thanks.

EA Name :TaiMa Forex EA

Profit monthly:4~10%

Draw down:24.08% (max for now)

Trading strategy:Base on back-propagation artificial neural network and system dynamics

Trading risk:low

Deposit: Standard account 10,000 USD;Micro account 100 USD

Charge fee:Free

Platform :USGFX

Trading currency:EURUSD

Time frame:1H

Contact us

QQ: 3349853159

Email: spike9886@gmail.com (subject: TaiMA forex EA)

No any manual work in RED NEWS reports , TaiMa Forex EA still runs well, including The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum、United States presidential election、FOMC、Non-Farm Employment Rate、Unemployment Rate、Government Speaks、Bank Rate Change, TaiMa Forex EA had well performance and very stable.


TaiMa Forex EA Read Only

If you are interesting with TaiMa Forex EA, we suggest you log in our read only to check real-time trading and historical trading result. It starts from 1st March 2016, we have more long time historical trading result than others EA. It shows TaiMa Forex EA can take stable profit.

Most importantly, you can see the withdrawals and swap to proof the real account.

Read only :292759

Password :nagaria1999 (Only we can change the password, others similar or copy our EA can’t change it, they’re fake)

Address : (USGFX-Live)


TaiMa Forex EA Download (Demo)

If you wanna use to real account, please contact us

QQ: 3349853159

Email: spike9886@gmail.com (subject: TaiMA forex EA)


We suggest you let TaiMa Forex EA load in EURUSD 1H chart, and follow below picture to set your risk and deposit. Please attention this is mid-term and long-term trading strategy, you can observe TaiMa Forex EA profit, then think twice if I will use it in the real account. We also advice you that don’t let short-run Floating PL to affect your mind (Floating PL is always under 10%, but sometimes up to 20~30%, please don’t manual work, it will down to normal shortly, just be patient waiting),remember, catch loneness you will take profits.