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Mar 1, 2016

Presentration of Stalker FxPro Renko trading system

Official Sale Page:

NOTE: Client That purchase "Package Indicators" without EA, will have the chance to get a beta-test Expert advisor copy will available for testing on demo for limited trial period, then they can purchase it by paying the difference, for info the EA will not work without the indicators.

Trading Mode: Manual / Automated EA
Trading Style: Renko Chart
Release date: 1st Feb, 2016
Current Version: v1.5

SYSTEM Fully Tested in video, Most 99,99% No Repaint

Optimized to Work with Renko Offline Chart Recommaned to use with Time Frame 2M-Non Time-frame Work with All Currencies , Forex , Stocks, CFDs, Indexes... Easy Trading Strategy using Price Action basics .

Discover The Product:
Stalker FxPro is a special indicator oriented for forex trader , Ultra Profits package contains simple well comprehensive strategies that gains hundreds of pips per month , every week you make lots of pips with easy Softwares and our powerful indicators with fully explained tricks to achieve that , This indicator is optimized to trade with offline renko chart by following price action

Stakler FX Pro Strategy:

This system is unique, first you have to follow news and get the best impact factors , Setup the indicator , Generate Live offline renko chart, Load template and follow easy indicators to indicate the entry for Buy or Sell following after confirming trend direction confirmed by a specific indicator Histogram that give trusted trading signal.

Stalker Fx Pro on Renko Chart

We have Equiped Stalker Fx Pro with Renko EA converter to generate data chart from candlestick to Offline live Chart with No-time Frame, Renko is the best strategy for Swing Trading to Stalk price storm for Huge profit and Long terms position following strairs movement , up or down and No sideway movement, this is more accurate for asset managers , each Brick = 10 pips for most forex pairs with lower spread.

How to Generate Renko Chart Correctly ?
here is our secret, why 95% of traders don't know how to use the renko chart correctly, this is an average rate, what our experts noticed that most traders, beta-tester use the renko box size = 10 pips for all pairs whatever the spread, whatever the kind of market, certainly with gold, CFD, Stocks..... That's WRONG, you will lose 90% in this case .

Why ?

Well, for majors forex pairs it's ok, you can use 10 pips/ renko box, of course most of them but not all , We except these rules for pairs with low spread less than 10 pips, the minimal value recommended for safe trading, but these rules must be applied with other pairs like OIL, Brent, GOLD, CFDs , let's see these examples :
  • EUR/USD Spread is 3, in this case is best to apply 10
  • GBP/JPY Spread is 7 in this case , we set 10 per renko box.
But with :
  • XAU/USD , Spread is 75 generally, in this case we can not use 10 per renko box size but we must apply the rules above, so the min renko box size should be from 75 to 225 or plus depend traders appetite.
  • DAX 30, spread is 30 generally, min recommended renko box size must be from 30 to 90
so as conclusion, if you generate the renko chart using a value less than spread, expect the worst scenario to lose all your money, so you must use Renko Box Size EQUAL or Superior Than Max Spread may occurred even the spread if floating.

These Rules are Explained Here :


For More Info about this case Download PDF File in attachment

Expert Advisor For Automated Trading Options :
The expert advisor use the same rules of Indicators to open orders, as known with expert is autopilot trading system that most traders use it in their absence, so we have included some new options and filters for more safety .

Explain Some options of EA:

  • UseAzimuth: False : trading Without Reversal Bars Azimuth Filter
  • UseAzimuth: True With Reversal Bars Azimuth Filter
  • TradeNextBar: False : Instant Trading when signal Appear ( Trade on Current Bar )
  • TradeNextBar: True :Trade On Next Bar Open when signal Appear
  • AllowedTrading : you can enable or disable Expert functionality by set True or False
  • IF PROFIT : condition to close Profit in M$ Currency by activating one Options :
    • Close_Fix_Profit : If TRUE ,EA will close Trade at defined M in money if reached
    • Close_Partial_Position: TRUE ,EA will close Trade at defined X% of lotsize defined


EA Beta Test DEMO Will be Available upon purchase of Indicators Package, but will not Activated for Real trading, we give the chance to get only if you test it and get satisfied.

Terms of use & Purchase Refund Policy:

Digital Software can not Be refunded, We give trial demo 25 Days upon purchase only, not satisfied you ask for refund, Trial Copy expire and can not be used, for full transparency, once you got the licensed package, refund will not be possible.


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Mme lockhart

Aug 21, 2017
i'm using this indicator since few days, it's very useful, i follow the opening of markets
it's really good system to be used with news and economic calendar to get in best signals.