- 5% to 20% ROI per month


May 7, 2011
Dear All,

I strongly recommend this profitable managed forex account and I am promoting for them because they made me a lot of money but it was only for private member access. Now, they their service is in public.

Solid Forex Manager offers Forex managed accounts to institutional, high net worth and retail clients.Our clients control their own accounts at all times, and can withdraw any amount at any given time.Accounts can be tracked 24/7, for balance, equity, statements, transactions, and fees, all in real time.

* Only $5,000 minimum deposit. 5% to 20% monthly ROI.
* You have 24 hour web access to your private account.
* You have easy access to add or withdraw money anytime.
* We never touch your money. Your money is held with fully regulated brokers.

At Forex Managed, we make trading simple. We fully manage your account, and in return you pay only 35% of the profits at the end of each month.

It's mutually beneficial; you only pay for results and we have incentive to make you money!

It's your account, your money, and you only pay for results! You have full transparency to view each and every live trade as it happens. And with a very low minimum investment, you can test us out first before making a larger commitment.

We have an independently audited track record with over 10+ years of trading experience.

Here are some of the key transparency points for you to consider:

* You hold your own funds
* You can view all live trades as they happen giving you total transparency
* You have total control of your personal account and can stop us trading at any point
* And most importantly we have superb performance results averaging 5-20% per month

Did you know that when you factor in compounding 6% net per month for 12 months you will officially double your account?

With 9.6% per month for 12 months, you would officially tripple your money!

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Bob Marley