Should I use forex account managers?

David Bishop

Dec 22, 2011
Should i use forex account managers?

What exactly are the attractions of hiring a forex money manager to take care of your money through a managed forex account? Well, first off, the reason the majority of investors use such services, is that they think that they’ll get greater results than if they traded on their own. Is this the case?

Typically, yes. For the average retail trader, forex trading is an very tough skill to learn, and also the great majority of traders fail within three months. Most then give up, or lose even far more dollars in forex, or try to get a reputable managed account to invest their funds in. Looking for a decent and high performing fx manager can sometimes be challenging, but its well worth the search.

So how can a managed forex account aid you in practice? The first advantage of a managed forex account is it gives you entry to excellent forex money managers, without needing to invest hundred of thousands of dollars. Whilst most hedge funds normally require commitments of over a million dollars, you are able to set up a managed forex account with just a few thousand dollars.

A key advantage of managed forex accounts is the investor retains full control over his investment, and the possibility of fraud is virtually eliminated. The real key to this, is that you open an account with the relevant forex broker, and at no point do you need to send funds to the fund manager. This means that the manager has no access to your funds.

Additionally, not just does the forex money manager have no control over your funds, but the structure of a managed forex account means that you have complete control over access to your funds. This comes in a number of diverse techniques. Firstly, you have got the capability to withdraw component of, or all of your account balance, anytime, and free from any charges. This offers a flexibility which doesn’t exist in other kinds of investment, like traditional asset classes like mutual funds or other investment funds.

These factors thus explain the growing demand for managed forex accounts among the retail investment community. In recent times, there have been countless cases of so known as hedge funds defrauding their investors of millions of dollars. Several investors have trusted their funds with a manager, just to lose every thing.

Our goal is to generate annual returns greater than 60% with a few select value investments. It is difficult or near impossible to exactly predict when these undervalued securities will reach fair value. In some cases the progression could be very fast, but in many cases it could take weeks, even months.

Therefore, investors need to be patient and should have a long-term horizon. In our mind, a long-term track record of at least two years is required to draw conclusions about the qualities of a portfolio manager. Financial markets are very volatile and what may appear to be a trend, even over a couple of years, can sometimes be misleading.

We believe that quality investment products begin and end with a consistent investment approach and discipline. We strive to give investors diversified exposure to segments of the market that offer long-term potential for growth. Consistent profits begin with conservative accounting, an aversion to debt, a low cost operating structure, an uncomplicated business plan, and an overall philosophy of building for the long-term.

In sum, TheFxCharts Deluxe Managed is about Respecting Your Money®. We understand the capital markets are not always favorable and we strive to preserve capital during those turbulent times. We believe losing less money in difficult markets is more important than making the most in rising ones. We continue to diligently seek new investment opportunities without undue risk.

Our goal is to give your money the best chance to achieve returns that are balanced, mindful of the downside and sustainable over the long-run. For proofs of performance, kindly check this link

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