Dec 31, 2021
This is an astronomy indicator for the MT4 platform that performs a variety of functions. It uses complex algorithms to perform its own calculations, which are so accurate.

The indicator has a panel that provides astronomical information such as planets' geo/heliocentric cords, distance of sun/earth, magnitude, elongation, constellation, ecliptic cords, equatorial cords, and horizontal cords depending on the vertical line that generated by the indicator depend on the time value.
The indicator can draw planetary lines on the chart, and you can control their scale and basic angle. You can also control the display of each planet line from the control panel.
It can draw planetary relationships, including conjunctions, sextile, quadrature, trine, opposition, and retrograde. You can also scan a custom time range for selected relations.
The indicator can also draw the New Moon and Full Moon on the chart.
It has a Square of Nine panel that allows you to use it with your astronomy analyses.
Furthermore, it has the Time of Planetary Degree function, and you can control the angle entry.
The orbits function can draw orbits times separators on the chart related to daily or current chart as you choose from the settings.
The indicator has an account info panel with a lot calculator and alarm function.
All of these functions can be controlled from the control panel, and it can save all the sets you choose.
Overall, this astronomy indicator is a powerful tool for anyone interested in astronomy and can assist in making informed trading decisions.

It Won't work on back test see the video attached and photos it will work as same as in video .
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